Bucket Hats for Street Wear

Beautiful summer has already arrived, which means the hot weather is coming, too. We want to go out with friends to go hiking, camping or climbing, even though the weather is so hot. In summer, we can eat ice cream and have ice-cold drink to relieve summer-heat. It is essential to do sun protection when you go shopping with your friends. Except for sunscreen, sunglasses, sun proof clothing and sun umbrella, I think you also need a sunhat.

A sunhat is a very useful tool that protects you from the hot sun and its ultraviolet rays. There are many kinds of sunhat, such as baseball cap, straw hat, peak cap and so on, while these hats cannot completely protect you from the hot sun. You may have seen the street bucket hat, with many hipsters and stars wearing that hat. The bucket hat is becoming a fashion item in recent years. It doesn’t have the season limitation like a beret, with many kinds of materials offered you to choose.

This 360-degree-brimmed throwback piece is perhaps the strongest practicable hat which can be both a decoration accessory and a great sunhat.

The most wonderful thing in summer is to go shopping with friends or families, to dress beautifully and make a delicate makeup. Of course, these may have been able to show your beauty, but if adds a bucket hat which will make difference to your overall look. It can add a touch of chic to your outfit. Although the bucket hat looks simple, but its colors and styles are very rich, and they can fully satisfy your daily wear. Speaking of bucket hat, let’s look at some examples of people’s daily wear.

  • Khaki bucket hats with white T-shirt

This khaki bucket hat is retro and chic. It also appears modern fashion trend. The color of the hat can match most of your clothing in your wardrobe. The most refreshing clothing to wear in summer is a white T-shirt. The pattern on the bucket hat is dotted with monotonous khaki, which is very simple and fashionable.

  • White bucket hat with Bohemian brace skirt

There are still a lot of girls who like to wear printed skirts or Bohemian dresses, which seem to be very comfortable and free. The Bohemian skirt was a bit fancy, but with a white bucket hat, it looks graceful. You can pose and take photos by wearing this bucket hat. Besides, this hat has a wide brim which offers a good sun protection for your face, ears and neck, with no limitation of your vision. The material of this bucket hat is nylon, which is packable and lightweight. When you don’t need the hat, you can fold it and put it in your bag. The solid design makes sure the hat won’t wrinkle even it is folded.

  • White bucket hat with vest and jeans

This sleeveless black vest and a pair of straight-leg jeans, matching with a letter-printed white bucket hat, plus a pair of black sneakers, the outfit is very casual and stylish, and it reveals a neutral style and modern fashion. White bucket hat and black vest, they are perfectly matched with each other. It shows the charm of contemporary fashion women under the low-key match.

In fact, the bucket hat can be perfectly matched with most of your summer wear. With wearing a bucket hat, you will have fun with your friends.

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