Tips to Wear a Hat

Hats are definitely an attractive piece of women’s outfit. Fashion spreads all over the world with so many people wearing a variety of styles of hats and not look out of place. A hat is regarded as a stylish accessory that it gives a finishing touch to your overall look. Therefore, the hat can make you stand out from the crowd.

However, not everyone knows how to wear a hat in correct way. So, here are some basic points about wearing a hat and let the hat give a twist to your look.

No. 1 Head Size

It is very clear that everyone knows a rule: the larger the head, the larger the hat. This is simple and obvious, but there are still many people who wear a hat that is not the right size, and it certainly looks not good. If you wear a small hat on your large head, it will look odd. While a large hat is worn by a person with small head, which is not stylish and it seems the hat out of place.  

Hence, you should measure the size of your head in advance then buy a suitable hat. Although some hats have adjustable chin straps that ensure the hat suit your head, still you need to consider your head size that makes you easily choose a hat.

No. 2 Face Shape & Features

A hat is similar to sunglasses, some people wear this type of hats look good while others may not look as good as the former. The height of the hat and the width of the brim should incorporate with your hair and your facial form. If you face shape is round, you can wear a hat with short brim. If you are a person with square face, a wide-brimmed hat is better to make your face look small.

The fabulous bucket hat with 360-degree brim can perfect cover your head and your forehead. It is suitable for both men and women, and it also can be a perfect sun hat for kids and babies.

No. 3 Hairstyle

Since a hat is mainly used to cover your head and protects your scalp from the hot sun and the rays, it also adds extra decorations for your whole look. Therefore, you should take many factors when you choose a hat, such as the weather, color of the hat, design, styles of the hat and your hairstyles. No matter you have long hair, hair tied up in a bun or short hair; all these hairstyles make a difference when you choose a hat.

For example, a baseball cap can be worn with any length of hair in any way, while a fedora cannot be incorporated with a high ponytail. Generally speaking, the shape of the hat determines how you to do with your hair. Taking the bucket hat for example, it can be worn on almost any hairstyle. If you are a girl with long hair, you can put your hair down or tie it up and then wear it.