1920 Men’s Fashion

Men’s clothing in the 1920s was the beginning of what we know today as men’s clothing. This was a time of classic sophistication, with more and more casual modern clothing replacing formal and sober clothing. Men’s fashion in the 1920s was mostly neutral patterns, but accessories were vibrant, just like women’s fashion in the 1920s.

Men always wore suits during the day, evening, work or parties. The only exceptions were for blue-collar workers, sports players, teenagers and college students, who dressed more casually, but even so, they had second-hand suits that seemed mismatching with their suits.

The men’s suits of the 1920s were different from the suits in next decades in terms of material and how they fit. Suits were mostly made of thick wool, tweed, mohair, wool flannel and corduroy, which made them heavier than today’s suits but lighter than they were in previous decades. Many men’s suits from the 1920s had two sets of flap pockets, which was another feature that modern suits haven’t. On the other hand, the colors were similar to those of in previous decades: dark and light browns, medium blues, dark green and grays, occasionally with pastel pink and ivory or white linen and cotton seersucker.

The men’s look of the 1920s was not yet fully completed. All men in all classes wore hats all the time. Felt hats were worn all year round, while men usually wore straw hats in the spring and summer. A newsboy cap with 8 panels was worn by the lower classes throughout the day and upper classes wore it for casual time or sports activities. In summer, these hats were made of a light-colored linen or cotton poplin material and lined in silk for breathing. In cool weather, hats were made of tweed, herringbone wool and corduroy. In winter, men would like to wear dark blues, grays and browns.

Caps didn’t need to match or coordinate with clothes. Wearing a cap can make you feel more casual. Summer straw hats were lighter and cooler to wear in warm weather. The classic straw boater was the most common summer hat. It had a flat oval top and stiff rounded brim. A similar oval brim was made of thinner Panama straw or coconut fiber, with the brim slightly rolled up. Felt hats in neutral colors can be worn throughout the year, such as navy, gray, tan, brown, green and black.

The fedora was the most iconic hat for several decades. It was a fashionable hat for young men. Although the shape was entirely up to the wearers, the brim was slightly down at the front and up at the back. Fedoras and other felt hats hardly matched the suit’s colors. A gray suit went well with a blue hat. A brown suit looked good with a gray hat. A blue suit with a gray or light brown hat also looked neat. The black hat matched all the suits except for the light-colored summer dress. Old-fashioned fedoras had wide brims, rather than the narrow brims of modern fedoras.

Nowadays, there are a variety of hats for men, not only can they protect people from the sun but also make people look great with wearing a hat. A bucket hat is the most common hat in recent years. It can be worn by both men and women.

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