Tips for Wearing Hats for Men

When it comes to men’s accessories, a hat may not pop into your mind firstly, you may think about watch, scarf and gloves such these accessories. It is worth trying a good accessory that can set you apart from the rest. A fashionable hat for men is a great way to enhance your personal style and make a statement.

Hats are very practical and versatile. They will not only provide you with the shade and comfort, but also be the inspired finishing touch that completes your outfits. The following are some tips on how to wear different kinds of hats for men.

  • Panama Hat

Panama hats originated from Ecuador. It is usually made from natural straw or synthetic straw for wearing in the summer. It has been popular for several decades. This hat will not only protect you from the sun, but also add a touch of style to your summer outfit. The hat is perfect to wear on the seaside or tropical places. In winter, Panama hats are made of wool or felt which have good ability to keep you warm.

  • Bowler Hat

The bowler hat is also known as a derby. It is made of hard felt with a rounded crown. The bowler hat is the symbol of the British aristocracy and politicians. Although worn by upper-class people at that time, it became a common accessory for working class and bankers. If you want to look the best, you can wear a double-breasted suit with a bowler hat to complete the look.

  • Bucket Hat

Bucket hats have a long history, which were worn by Irish farmers and fishermen, and used to protect them from the sun and the rain. The bucket hat has developed for nearly a century since its appearing in the beginning of 20th century. Nowadays, bucket hats have been favored by many young people. Bucket hats for men is the perfect accessory that being a compliment to their outfit. Men can choose different colors and designs of bucket hats to create different styles. It can be worn with casual clothing and formal suits as long as you wear it in a right way.

  • Beanie

When it comes to winter hats, we have to mention a beanie. It is usually a hemispherical hat that is made of wool. Men can usually choose gray, light blue or black beanie hats. It goes well with your chunky knits and casual pants. You can also pair it with your tweed coat in winter. It’s a necessity in a cold climate.

  • Fedora Hat

Fedora hat is originally worn only by men. Fedora hat now becomes a versatile hat that both men and women can wear it. It adds a touch of elegance to your outfit. This is a must-have hat for anyone who likes to wear a hat. High quality felts make the hat not lose its original color and shape over time. If you want to make the most of a fedora hat, don’t wear it with casual clothes. Instead, pair it with a good suit. They are also perfect for casual activities and vacation.

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